We all age, some just feel it more than others. Those that feel it more feel it in every aspect from their sex drive to their mental acuity. The men who feel it the worst are more than likely experiencing the same thing as millions of other men in the world, known as Andropause. Read more about testosterone boosters.
This is the correct term for what many call the “male menopause.” It is equivalent to a woman goes through with menopause. The biggest difference is that andropause does not effect the ability to reproduce.
Men still go through many of the same physical and mental changes as a women as they age. It is important to note, that while all women go through menopause, not all men suffer from Andropause. Men see a decline of about 10% of their testosterone production every decade of their life, starting at around thirty. The effect of this decline is felt more in some men than others.
While the sex drive, or libido, is the primary thing people associate with testosterone, there are also many other factors effected by it. In truth, almost every part of your mind and body are effected by this testosterone decline. To put it another way, with so many aspects of life effected by testosterone, it is a surprise that not all men suffer from Andropause.

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Surprisingly, the medical field has been conscious of Andropause for decades, since as early as the 1940′s. However, it was only recently that a way was developed to diagnose the disorder. A simple blood test can be used to figure out how much testosterone a male is producing. The problem lies in the fact that every man on this earth requires a different amount of testosterone to be at his healthiest. The blood tests for testosterone levels can not determine how much of the testosterone in the blood is actually available for the body to use.
What needs to be tested is a substance known as SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which attaches to hormones like testosterone. By attaching itself to hormones like testosterone, this substance inhibits the way testosterone works. It is possible to determine the amount of usable testosterone there is in the body. Unfortunately, there are limited laboratories that provide this test. In other words, doctor’s have to rely on how you describe your functional changes in order to make a diagnosis.
The following are symptoms used in diagnosing Andropause:
troubled sleep or insomnia, decreased energy, decreased libido or other sexual problems, new onset of depression or anxiety, increased irritability or mood swings, unexplained weight gain, excessive sweating, and loss of hair.
The symptom associated with Andropause that causes most men to seek medical help is erectile dysfunction. Doctor’s who are only told about the erectile dysfunction tend to treat with prescription medications. They do not address the root of the problem, especially if the man does not speak of the other negative symptoms he is experiencing.
The fallacy lies in the fact that most men believe that what they are experiencing are the normal effects of aging, not Andropause. In truth to an extent, the symptoms of Andropause are similar to those of normal aging. The difference lies in the severity of the symptoms.
Men who experience the most extreme symptoms are prescribed hormone replacement therapy, but there can be many side effects of this, and it is often not recommended. There is a good alternative though. Believe it or not, you can increase your testosterone levels naturally.